The Walking Dead Podcast, Episode 6: “TS-19”

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Frank Darabont’s incredibly popular series’ first season comes to an end in Atlanta’s CDC complex, as Rick and his band of survivors uncover new information about the plague, the nature of Jenner’s work at the complex, and whether or not they’ll be safe behind its electronically regimented walls. We’ll be talking about the episode, as well as taking a look back at the season to get an overall picture of Darabont’s vision.


Music playlist

Eels – Fresh Blood
Mclusky – Day of the Deadringers

  1. Ricky says

    Thanks Lori. Hopefully you will like our future episodes. Al could no longer host, so the vibe of our podcast changed with season two.

  2. Lori C says

    Great discussion as always. Amazing that you guys pinpointed the “quota” for characters of color so early in the series.

    I consider the first season a stand-alone film broken into segments, which is why it works so well, for me. Those episodes were scripted, filmed, and edited before anyone knew how popular the show would become and if there would even be a second season. Therefore, the finale works as it leaves us hopeful for the characters, but leery of their ability to thrive against an adverse world.

    Also, all of my friends would have looked for a CDC-like government center in order to find a cure or at least information regarding the zombocalypse. Now that the audience, and the characters have the answer, no cure & no government, the characters will move forward with even more concern to keep themselves healthy and to build a society.

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