The Walking Dead Podcast Episode 73: “Here’s Not Here”

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This week on The Walking Dead, we had a chance to see two fine character actors work their magic for a good solid 90 full minutes. “Here’s Not Here” is a pretty terrific detour, and a nice change of pace from the first three episodes of this season. There’s a lot to discuss once again and here to help us review the episode is Caroline Siede from The A.V. Club.



Roky Erickson – “I Walk With A Zombie”
One Direction – “Infinity”

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  1. Kyle says

    Last week and this week you keep saying there’s no way they can satisfactorily resolve the Glenn situation. I wholeheartedly disagree. I would be completely satisfied with any resolution that ends with Glenn alive—even if that involves Daryl showing up to do a softshoe to distract the walkers or aliens beaming Glenn to safety!

    1. Kate Kulzick says

      lol. Fair enough, Kyle. That actually might work for me too—in this scenario, is Darryl softshoeing in an old-timey MGM musical tux (à la Greg in this week’s amazing “Settle for Me” number on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,, or his usual attire? Either way, I’m down.

      1. Kyle says

        And he could get on the walkie and sing “I’ve got Glenn, I’ve definitely got Glenn..”

        1. Kate Kulzick says


    2. Felix Vasquez says

      Puttin on the Ritz!!

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