The Walking Dead Podcast, Episode 8: “What Lies Ahead”

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We apologize for the terrible audio quality on this episode but promise to fix it by next week.

Season Two of AMC’s The Walking Dead has begun in earnest with the confusingly credited “What Lies Ahead,” and that means Ricky D, Kate Kulzick and Simon Howell are here to argue the merits of the show’s much-ballyhooed, slightly extended return, in which our estimable gang of post-apocalypse survivors finds themselves literally stuck in traffic. Of course, if that were the worst that happened, there wouldn’t be much of an episode to talk about. Can you say “zombie autopsy”?


Music Playlist:

King Khan and BBQ – “Zombie”

Johnny Cash – ”

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  1. Shawn says

    Great show everyone. Very enjoyable.

    As a fan of both the first season and the comic book series I always find myself torn between the series being faithful enough to the original source material, but original enough to keep me quessing as to what is going to happen next.

    I have to say that as much as there are parts of the season premiere that I think were a bit hinky, Ricks dialogue being a little off being one of them, I think that this is possibley the best episode since the pilot. With its character driven moments being center stage, and the zombie horror most often in the background, this episode once again proves that The Walkind Dead is a series about survival and human relationships, not just about gross out gags.

    Please keep up the great work. It sure makes my drive to work that much more interesting.

    Shawn (from ZeroPretension)

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