The Walking Dead Podcast, Episode 9 “Bloodletting”

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This week on The Walking Dead, new showrunner Glen Mazzara takes a crack at the teleplay for “Bloodletting,” which introduces a key new setting and a trio of new characters, headed up by Hershel (Scott Wilson). What becomes of Carl? Will they ever find Sophia? How long till T-Dog bites it? These pressing issues and more trivial matters pop up on the ‘cast this week.


Music Playlist:

The Meteors – “She’s A Zombie”

Tom Waits – “Hell Broke Luce”

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  1. breeze says

    Someone picked sophia up. and i’m with yoose I don’t have a emotional lock for the kids. but i can tell Carl is up to be a fighter.

    and too i was feeling T dog to be a walker soon. but to a metal cut to the arm would cause a major fever.

    Dale DID feel scared. remember…he said “Where are they”?
    that’s his version of scared.

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