The Winner of our ’52 DVD Give Away’ Contest Is…

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A while back we announced a contest in which you could win 52 DVD’s courtesy of yours truly. All you had to do was either follow us on Twitter of become a fan of us on Facebook. I was pleased to announce the winner after our 250th episode of Sound On Sight Radio. Congratulations to “Fivedollardare” who won, simply by following us on Twitter. Be sure to do the same and join us on facebook to receive details on our upcoming contests. Here is just some of the DVD’s and Blu-rays that he won:

1- 13 Tzameti

2- Inglourious Basterds

3-A Nos Amours (Criterion)

4- Cecil B. Demented

5- Jules and Jim

6- Do The Right Thing

7- Dr. Seuss’ – How the Grinch Stole Christmas

8- Delicatessen

9- Event Horizon

10- Armageddon (Criterion DVD)

11- Reservoir Dogs

12- Suspiria

13- Paranormal Activity

14- Drag Me To Hell

15- Watchmen

16- There Will Be Blood

17- The Wrestler

18- Event Horizon

19- Naked Lunch (Criterion)

20- Pierrot Le Fou (Criterion)

21- Billy Elliot

22- Screwballs 2

23- Kick-Ass

24- The Shining

25- The Bourne Supremacy

26- The Bourne Identity

27- The Bourne Ultimatum

28- Hit Me (by director Steven Shainberg)

29- Darkman

30- The Man From London

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