This is Our Design #13: “Mizumono”

Hannibal - 2.13

Welcome back to This is an Incredibly Long Podcast. Wait…

Welcome back to This is Our Design! If you’ve been one of those people asking for an unnecessarily long discussion of the Hannibal finale recorded by three insane people, you’ve come to the right place. Co-hosts Sean Colletti and Kate Kulzick are back to talk “Mizumono” (and the season/series in general) with This is Our Design veteran Noel Kirkpatrick from We usually try to outline the conversation topics in these posts, but there are simply too many this week. Everything. That is what’s addressed in this podcast. Stick around to the end (other insane people) for the Hannibal Bonus Round and some closing thoughts and thank yous for everyone who has participated in this podcast in some form or another. Gratitude to listeners for being so supportive! We hope you enjoy this extra long discussion of what is undoubtedly one of television’s finest season finales. Sean and Kate will be back during the summer to podcast about Hannibal‘s first season, so be on the lookout for those when they go up (we’ll let you know ahead of time). Have a listen and feel free to join the discussion by leaving some comments.


Outro Music: Pain of Salvation – “Imago (Homines Partus)”

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