This is Our Design #23: “Buffet Froid”

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Buffet Froid

Hello, good evening and welcome back to This is Our Design. Is it not the evening for you? Wrong! It’s the eternal night for Hannibal with this episode, which redefines creepy.

We couldn’t find three people with strong stomachs and high tolerances for horror to discuss this episode. Instead, you’ll have to settle for co-hosts Sean Colletti and Kate Kulzick as they take turns peeking from behind corners to see if anything is under the bed across the hallway. Joining them in paralytic fear is Libby Hill from NPR and Midwest Spitfire. Is Jack Crawford bedrock? How prevalent is mental illness in this series? Is it taken seriously? All the questions–and more–will be answered. If you aren’t too terrified, you might be around long enough to catch “Kate’s Classical Corner,” “The Devil in the Details” and “Spoiled Meat,” but we can already sense your anxiety and fear as you read these words…these words…written…FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE! Wait, Halloween was a couple weeks ago? Whatever. This stuff is still scary.

“Spoiled Meat” – 48:15 to 53:35


Outro Music: Blind Guardian – “Mr. Sandman”

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