This is Our Design #26: “Savoureux”


Welcome to 2015 and to another episode of This is Our Design, the Hannibal podcast that just won’t go away. Ever! Seriously, if we find out there’s a final season of this show, we’re going to record those podcast episodes over the course of several decades (not really; Sean might die by then, because he has doubts about how long he can live without this show airing new episodes).

Concluding the second season of This is Our Design, which analyzes the first season of Hannibal, is no small task. Thus, co-hosts Sean Colletti and Kate Kulzick have brought back the big guns wielded by Noel Kirkpatrick from in a podcast that is long. Very long. Extremely long. Too long? No. But to preview the topics discussed would be a fool’s errand. Take it from us that this podcast is comprehensive. As with last season’s finale, there’s a bunch of best-of goodies towards the end. That doesn’t mean, though, that we neglect our recurring segments: “Kate’s Classical Corner,” “The Devil in the Details” and “Spoiled Meat,” which is featured here for a final time. Adieu, “Spoiled Meat”; we loved you unconditionally. We will, of course, be back to discuss season three of Hannibal in all of its Italian glory. Thanks for sticking with us, especially through all of Sean’s technical difficulties. You listeners are the best, and we greatly appreciate all the feedback and interaction. Have a great beginning to the year, and we’ll be back in the recording booths soon! Feel free to join the discussion by leaving a comment below.


Outro Music: The Beatles – “Hello, Goodbye”

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