This is Our Design #27: “Antipasto”



This is 2015. This is the Year of the Sheep. This is the summer television season. This is Sound On Sight. This is Our Design.

At long last, Hannibal returns to NBC for its third season (a first for visionary creator Bryan Fuller). Accompanying its return is the dedicated podcast co-hosted by Sean Colletti and Kate Kulzick. For the season three premiere, the crew is joined by the fellow Hannibal podcast crew of Eat the Rudecast: Cooper, Miko and Ophilia. An elaborate set-up for an elaborate series. Dr. Lecter would be proud (or he would eat all of us; both are acceptable, as far as we’re concerned). On this Italian excursion, the panel talks about storytelling, aesthetics vs. ethics, observation vs. participation, complicity, Dante and the inevitability of what’s to come following the events of “Antipasto”. But before that, feast your ears on the new recurring segment for TiOD: “Hannibal by the Numbers,” in which Sean does needlessly painstaking work and countless pauses during viewings to tally numbers of lines of dialog and scenes for his own nefarious purposes. Following the bulk of the discussion, the triumphant returns of “Kate’s Classical Corner” and “The Devil in the Details” round out your listening experience, which will be fully satisfactory or your money back! You can also contact the hosts at thisisourdesign666[at] or leave a comment here or on iTunes (Twitter accounts are below). We appreciate all your feedback and, as a reward, are giving away a free copy of the first season of Hannibal on DVD, the winner of which will be announced on next week’s podcast. Ciao!


Outro Music: Iced Earth – “Dante’s Inferno”

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