This is Our Design #38: “The Number of the Beast is 666…”

Welcome back to This is Our Design. All good things come in small packages. All great podcasts come a couple days late. We’re not really sure if either of these things is true, but we know this: you don’t owe us your listenership…you owe us AWE (we’re actually not very sure about this, either; we just like to believe it). This week, co-hosts Sean Colletti and Kate Kulzick are joined by author Cooper S. Beckett of Eat The Rudecast as the crew breaks down yet another strong central sequence in addition to talking about folk tales and much more. This all leads in, of course, to “Kate’s Classical Corner” and “The Devil in the Details,” which are always ready to shock and disturb you with how thorough they are. As always, you can e-mail us at thisisourdesign666[at]


Outro Music: Judas Priest – “A Touch of Evil”

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