This past week: Best of Sound On Sight

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There is so much great content published every week here at Sound On Sight, that even we have trouble keeping up. So, every Sunday, we will release a list of some of the most popular articles delivered by our hard working, and extremely talented staff.

So, how much money does it cost to produce your podcast, and why are you leaving?
Walking Dead Podcast Episode 31: ‘Warm Bodies’ and / Walking Dead Season Three
House of Cards, S1: Politics serves as backdrop for sea of grays, study of human nature
A Prequel, an Adaptation or Both? – ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’
Interview with composer Rob Simonsen on the mechanics of musical storytelling
10 Great Female-Starring Comics: Part Two
Staff List: Steven Soderbergh’s Best Films
‘Stoker’ is impeccably crafted, subdued and visually magnetic
Absolutely Gorgeous Oscar-Inspired Poster Series
Thursday Comedy Roundup: ‘Community’ Returns, ‘Parks & Rec’ 5.12, & ‘Archer 4.04
The Americans, Ep. 1.02: “The Clock” keeps tension, stakes and poignant family drama in play
‘Side Effects’ a thrilling potential swan song to Steven Soderbergh’s career
Video of the Day: ‘Back to the Future’ animated in 60 seconds
Green Arrow #17 Hits it’s Mark

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