This Week in Comics: 18/12/13


Week after week, the shelves of local comic book stores nationwide are packed to brim with shiny new comics. Sure you’re a smart cookie and probably have tonnes of grabs already but many books do go unnoticed and its my job to make sure you are getting your moneys worth. I could ramble on for a bit but I sincerely doubt you’re still reading this paragraph and have long since scrolled down to the good bits– SO without further to do, enjoy and note this is preference, what’s exciting to me may not be exciting to you and hey friend, I’m OK with that:

Super Special Note: This release day is STACKED since the publishers are making their final before-Christmas push. If Black Friday didn’t hurt you, then this White Wednesday will. 


saga17Everything @ Image Comics | PICK OF THE WEEK

OK just- huh?!. THIS IS TOO MUCH! Black Science #2, Pretty Deadly #3, East of West #8, Saga #17, Sex #9 , Umbral #2, Zero #4 and so on and so on. It looks like Image is making one last push to win 2013. As if they needed it.


midasMidas Flesh #1

Head Adventure Time! Comic scribe (and recent Eisner Award winner) Ryan North dives into his own version of post-apocalyptic Earth. This time, a rag-tag group of space adventurers head to Earth which is now deserted and covered in gold. It’s a great premise and Ryan has already proven his mettle by turning what could have been a simple television adaptation into a force all its own. Excited to see where the depth of his mind can take us.

allnewsxmenAll New X-Men #20

I stopped following for awhile. It didn’t really matter. Even though the teams are scattered, the song remains the same. But I do love X-23 and that amazing Peterson cover is enough to peak my interest. Hopefully this doesn’t turn into a case of judging a book by it’s cover.


wakevol1The Wake Vol. 1

The moment all you trade grabbers have been waiting for. Scott Snyder and Sean Gordon Murphy’s aquatic tale of terror finds it’s first five issues all wrapped up in a neat little package. Did anyone mention that it’s available for the low low price of $9.99? Looks like someone is learning from Image…


ghostGhost #1

This is a big Month for Kelly Sue DeConnick. Not only are we treated to another Pretty Deadly over at Image and Avenger’s Assemble #22 coming from Marvel, there’s also Ghost #1 coming in from Dark Horse. A continuation of her mini-series, but still a great read for newcomers, Ghost has the spirit of all those supernatural movies you loved as a kid, but with wittier dialogue.


redsonja6Red Sonja #6

This is it kids! The battle of the century, it’s all come to this, yippie ki-yay brother trucker! Red Sonja Vs Dark Annisia. This has been a long time coming and for those who’ve been following Gail Simone’s glorious rendition of Red Sonja, then it’s all come to this. Here’s hoping all this anticipation pays-off.


tmntTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #29

The first of the post-City Fall issues will find the Turtles in a terrible place. Over come with guilt, regret and mistrust, this may be the darkest place our shell-shocked heroes have ever been in. Since the last arc is over, now is the perfect time to start grabbing one of the best books on the shelf. Also, have you seen that cover?




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