This Week in Comics: 26/02/2014


Week after week, the shelves of local comic book stores nationwide are packed to brim with shiny new comics. Sure you’re a smart cookie and probably have tonnes of grabs already but many books do go unnoticed and its my job to make sure you are getting your moneys worth. I could ramble on for a bit but I sincerely doubt you’re still reading this paragraph and have long since scrolled down to the good bits– SO without further to do, enjoy and note this is preference, what’s exciting to me may not be exciting to you and hey friend, I’m OK with that:


captwintsolhcCaptain America: Winter Soldier HC | Pick of the Week

Ok, this may just be a shameless re-pack of the last Winter Soldier collection but c’mon, it’s the best Captain America story of all time. Skip all your other grabs and pick this up. If you’ve never read it, prepare to be amazed. If you have, well, read it again. Slick hardcover? Check. Tonnes of extras? Check. Bragging to your non-marvel-savvy friends that you know who the Winter Soldier is? Priceless.


tombr01Tomb Raider #1

Gail Simone tackles Lara Croft in a direct continuation of the most recent video-game. While I may have missed the last game; monetary reason, I do look forward to seeing what I missed thanks to Dark Horse. But more importantly, this book has Gail freakin’ Simone writing it. That right there is enough to make this a must have.



wake06The Wake #6

The Wake is finally back and ready to kick off part two in epic fashion. The new arc jumps 200 years into the future as readers are treated to a new protagonist and a whole slew of water-soaked problems. This series was a highlight of 2013 and now it looks like it’s going to take 2014 by storm.



tmnt31Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #31

The best series you’re not reading continues. The turtle fam-jam is hold-up in the Northamptons, licking their wounds from the serious butt whoopin’ they faced at the hands of shredder in the epic City Fall arc. Hearts are broken, alliances shattered and the turtles will never be the same.


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