Thursday Poster Round-Up Featuring the new poster for Melancholia

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1. In Time: Grade C

I like Justine Timberlake, I really do, but, and many will disagree,  he can’t carry a film. Amanda Seyfried isn’t the focus of this poster only because she is very good looking, but because Timberlake lacks any and all presence.

2. 11-11-11: Grade C-

I’m sorry to anyone who may be fans of the films, but the director of Saw II, III, and IV being a major point of emphasis in the marketing of this film makes me chuckle.

3. Texas Killing Fields: Grade C-

The primary image isn’t bad, but it is tainted by the large block of head shots from the actors.

4. Starry, Starry, Night: Grade C+

Yes, Woody Allen films aren’t the only ones that can use Van Gogh’s Starry Night as a poster, but did the makers of this poster have to use it in the same year?

5. Bir Zamanlar Anadolu’da: Grade B

It doesn’t do anything new, but the slash of red looks good, along with the detailed design.

6. Un ete brulant: Grade C

Two extraordinarily sexy actors without much to do in terms of selling this poster.

7. Another Happy Day: Grade B

Very similar to the poster for Texas Killing Fields, it takes what is a good, provocative image, and clogs it up with head shots from the actors. At least in this poster the head shots have a little more artistic finesse.

8. Melancholia: Grade B-

I don’t like this image, I don’t even like its use in the trailer either. I am sure within the confines of the film it works quite well, but without the context, and understanding of Von Trier’s expression, it comes off rather hokey.

9. Cronicle: Grade B

There is something oddly dark about this poster. It seems to invoke a deep rooted fear.

10. Interior/Exterior: Grade A

Minimalistic and monochromatic, it is more expressive in its simplicity than  any of the other posters on this list.

– James Merolla


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