Trailers: Cold Souls


There has been much discussion on the debut film by Sophie Barthes, Cold Souls.  There is the inevitable comparison to Charlie Kaufman and the trailer is definitely reminiscent of Being John Malkovich.  But I think this film deserves a chance to be seen and word has been very positive so far.  I Heart Huckabees this is not (and thank God!!).  The film is a metaphysical satire about America’s obscene consumerist culture.  In an alternate world human Souls can be extracted and traded as commodities.  Paul Giamatti (playing a version of himself) tries the procedure on for size to get into a soulless character for the stage.  When the plan backfires he learns his soul has been stolen and sold in the black market in Russia.  Post modern humor ensues.  Also staring Emily Watson, Lauren Ambrose, Dina Korzun, and David Stratharin.



Trailers: 2012

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