Trailers: New Moon

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New Moon is the upcoming romantic-fantasy film and sequel to Twilight. Directed by Chris Weitz, the film stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner, reprising their roles as Bella Swan, Edward Cullen, and Jacob Black.

  1. Anonymous says

    the new moon

    1. STAR says

      i LOVE THE TWILIGHT SAGAnew moon

  2. Anonymous says

    tek qawt A film 3 or 4 pls

  3. Anonymous says

    I love new moon I love too be ine thet film

  4. Anonymous says

    I love new moon is very kool

  5. Anonymous says

    mbv jjg

  6. Anonymous says

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  7. Anonymous says


  8. kharlee says

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  9. ChloeHelloKittyLova says

    yeah iv seen new moon and its soooo goood so yeah i recommended it 2 all my friends the saw it and loved it!!!

    Chloe Sham

    1. Anonymous says

      THE RILL

    2. deandean song says

      i never see new moon yet but lyk u 4 sure i will like it too,

    3. kimberly says

      it was the best!

  10. Maxx44 says

    According to Gerhard Amendt, Professor of Gender and Generation Research at the University of Bremen, representatives of the supposedly weaker sex are every bit as violent as their partners. ,

  11. Roy95 says

    It is almost considered a right. ,

  12. janessa says

    i love this whole saga it makes me super excited for the one that will come out next… i’m sad for when it ends…

  13. cameronn:) says

    omg!!! i love new moon the book it is one of my favorite books everr!
    icant wait until it comes out alough i wont be able to see it when it comes out cause i will be doing the school talent show!!!!
    keeep em’ coming!

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