Trailers: The Eagle Path

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Not much is known about Jean Claude Van Damme’s new film The Eagle Path except that he is taking the director’s chair for this picture. The story follows Frenchy (Van Damme), a former mercenary who now works as a taxi driver in East Asia. His love interest Sophia (Claudia Bassols), whom he meets at a local bar called The Eagle’s Nest, is kidnapped, and it’s up to a certain bulging Belgian to save the day. The film is premiering at Cannes this month.

  1. Ricky says

    This looks like it might be his worst movie. Good decision in directing this and not starring in Stallone`s new film. No more speicals for you. O.K. maybe one…

    1. Mike says

      This does look pretty tragic. I still can’t believe he passed up TE for this piece of garbage!!

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