TIFF 2009 MUST SEE LIST: Deliver Us From Evil

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#10 – Deliver us From Evil

Director: Ole Bornedal

Cast: Lasse Rimmer, Lene Nystrom

Long time listeners of Sound On Sight Radio will remember us raving about Ole Bornedal’s Danish thriller, The Substitute. Bornedal is back with his new film Deliver Us From Evil which will be playing at this years Toronto International Film Festival. The film opens on a deserted coastal road as the film’s narrator, introduces us to the film’s principal characters. A happily married couple Johannes and Pernille and their two children return to their home town where they hope to raise their children in peace and away from the big city and all its problems. Only the small town isn’t so peaceful when having to put up with Johanne’s brother Lars, a suffering alcoholic. Luckily for Joahnne, helping him renovate his newly bought house is Alain, a Bosnian refugee who lost his family to the conflict and is now doing odd jobs in hopes to re-establish a proper existence and lead a normal life. Everything is seemingly coming together for Johannes, and leaving Copenhagen proves to be a wise choice despite the problems that Lars may bring. But fate has other plans for the townspeople. Lars accidentally runs over Anna, the angelic wife of the town’s unofficial mayor and in desperation hides her corpse and quickly devises a plot to blame things on the one person everyone will automatically suspect: Alain.

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