TIFF 2010: Ricky D’s Blog Entry #2 – Counting Down The Best Films of The Year So Far

Inspired by the movie Step Brothers: From left to right: Iron Man Dan Max & Ricky D. Did you know that Dan was my original co host but due to conflicting schedules with school, he had to drop out of the show.

Welcome to the second entry of my TIFF blog. As promised I will continue to add photos of the Sound On Sight crew. Today’s focus is counting down my favorite films of the year so far.

I am not sure why, but for some reason film studios decide to release the most anticipated films between September and January which drives us crazy because we have to somehow find time to not only watch them all, but review them on the radio show. I guess the reason is because distributors are always hoping for Oscar nominations and it’s easier to remember a movie that is released closer to Christmas than it is to remember a film you saw way back at the start of the year. In recent memory the only great film that I remember being released in January was In Bruges. Anyhow the reason for my rant is because now that I am going into TIFF, there is a very good chance my top ten list can drastically change when the festival is over. Take into account the festival is playing Black Swan by one of my five favourite film directors working today. Not to mention the film is getting nothing but high praise from it’s Venice and Telluride screenings. Also there is Rabbit Hole by another one of my idols, John Cameron Mitchell. Monsters and Buried come highly recommended by our London correspondents and of course there’s Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours. In fact the only one of my five favorite American filmmakers missing in this year’s lineup is Paul Thomas Anderson. Anyhow this gives me the opportunity to finally list of my ten favorite films of the year so far. It will be interesting to see how many of them will make it to my final list come January. Also feel free to listen to our review of each from our radio show. The links are listed under each photo.

#10 – Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil

“Watching the duo’s onscreen bro-mance recalls best of the Apatow brand and places them alongside the most memorable protagonists in any genre piece.”

Listen to our review from Sound On Sight Radio Episode #210

Listen to our review from Sound On Sight Radio Episode #219

#9 – Wild Hunt


First-time feature filmmaker Alexandre Franchi shoots delivers an almost flawless psychological thriller.

Listen to our review from the Sordid Cineam podcast, Episode #8

Listen to our review and interview with the director from the Sordid Cinema podcast, Episode #8


#8 – Toy Story 3


It’s a sign of Pixar’s ongoing brilliance, Toy Story 3 is equal parts hilarious, touching, insightful and exciting and an almost flawless example of a movie that will keep pretty much any person of any age enthralled and entertained.

Listen to our review from Sound On Sight Radio Episode #213

Listen to our review from Sound On Sight Radio, Episode #213

#7- Les amours imaginaires (Heartbeats)

“Dolan uses the tricks of the medium to establish that, yes, he can manipulate form, he can be clever and referential with the best of them, and what’s more, he can control your subjective experience and align it with the vulnerability he’s trying to infuse into his picture”

Listen to our review from Sound On Sight Radio Episode #214

listen now

#6- Kick-Ass

” The pic’s nearly two-hour running time never feels stretched and its closing scenes, naturally, pave the way for a sequel – but for once, the promise of a sequel feels right.”

Listen to our review from Sound On Sight Radio Episode #200

listen now

Check out my third blog entry which is coming soon for the top 5 films of the year so far! Also check out this great photo below from the Fantasia Film Festival.

Guest Host Eduardo Lucatero & Derek Gladu with director Ken Russell at Fantasia



The Master: Alfred Hitchcock

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