TIFF 2010: Ricky D’s Blog Entry #5: Money Isn’t Everything At TIFF?

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Is TIFF to expensive? It seems that all I have heard this past week is people complaining that the Toronto International Film Festival is to expensive. Individual tickets sell at $20 plus tax while galas and other special events will run you roughly $45. I think it’s a lot money to ask from the general public to pay for one single film. Compared to other film festivals I have been to that only charge about $7 a ticket, I would have to agree that TIFF does overcharge. Yes it is considered the largest film festival in North America but it is also the film festival that draws the biggest sponsors. Everyone from Bell to Visa. So why is it so expensive? My theory is they have to find ways to fly in and accommodate the hundreds of celebrities, filmmakers and other guests who attend, but I could be wrong. However for those who feel that the prices are valid, feel free to make a generous $5,200 donation and receive all the benefits of Gold, plus access to all the opening night activities at the festival as a Platinum Patron.

Yesterday was an interesting night. I decided to skip out on movie watching and instead took the time to do something I should do more

often, which is network. Luckily I was invited for dinner at this incredible Italian restaurant, after drinks at a private rooftop club and finally to an industry party for Zach Galifianakis’ new movie, It’s Kind of a Funny Story. If there is one thing I hate about Toronto, it’s how everyone only talks shop. I am so sick of hearing all the industry talk. No one is interested in who you are you but only what you do and who you know. It’s a completely different attitude than that of Montreal. Everyone is someone, or at least they like to think they are. The waiter says he a fashion designer releasing a new line similar to Tom Ford. The barman is opening up a restaurant but shopping for a venue. The barmaid is an aspiring actress and the lady sitting at the end of the bar, single and mid 40’s is selling herself as an executive producer for M Knight’s new movie. It’s all ridiculous, tedious and embarrassing. Still I shouldn’t complain considering I didn’t pay for anything. Oh the joy of networking. My friend asks, “how do you do it”. I reply, “It’s simple, just nod your head and pretend you care”.

The festival eats up just about every minute of my day so I am not quite sure when exactly I will be able to post up some reviews but hopefully soon. Although first I’ll have to find a quiet space with free internet to work at, and in Toronto that is a tough find.

Until next time. Hope you enjoy the additional photos of the Sound On Sight crew.

Ricky D

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