TIFF 2010 Trailer #14: Sensation

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Dublin born director Tom Hall (November Afternoon, Park) is back with his latest feature Sensation.

Sensation details the relationship between Tipperary farmer Donal Duggan and a veteran Kiwi escort. They begin as client and call girl, evolve into something like lovers, then business partners and finally co-defendants.

Programmer Michèle Maheux has this to say about Sensation:

“Take a dash of Hal Ashby’s Being There and Harold and Maude, combined with the bleaker sensibility of Todd Solondz’s Happiness and you get the darkly comedic tone of Tom Hall’s Sensation. In a country where sexual material was often repressed (a large number of nudie magazines, including Playboy, were banned in Ireland until the late eighties), Hall uses today’s internet era to make provocative statements about Ireland’s modern-day sex trade industry and, by extension, the shifting balance of power between men and women. “

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