TIFF 2010 Trailer #6: Stake Land

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From Jim Mickle, the man who gave us the zombie flick Mulberry Street, comes the vampire road movie Stake Land. The film will star Kelly McGillis who will play a nun who joins a small group of survivors trying to make their way north to safety through the war-torn America. In the aftermath of a vampire epidemic, a teen is taken in by a grizzled vampire hunter on a road trip through a post-apocalyptic America, battling both the bloodsuckers and a fundamentalist militia that interprets the plague as the Lord’s work.

Mickle recently told Fangoria magazine more about the movie:

“It’s an apocalyptic vampire Western. It’s told through the eyes of a young boy who is taken under the wing of Nick, who plays a brutal, solitary ghoul hunter in a world populated by grungy creatures—these are not the pretty True blood vampires.

It’s kind of a new Depression; politics have fallen and the economy has fallen. And it’s their story together—how this kid goes from being a young boy in a suburban town to ultimately becoming a stone cold vampire killer. This was written back before the election, so it’s got some political-mindedness to it, because that was a hot topic at the time—the economics and financial system.”

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