TIFF 2010 Trailers #21: Daydream Nation

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The trailer for Mike Goldbach’s Daydream Nation, starring Kat Dennings (Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist, Charlie Bartlett), Reece Thompson (Rocket Science), Andie MacdowellGroundhog Day), and (Josh Lucas (Glory Road, Hulk), is now online.

I think the trailer certainly looks interesting, I almost got a Donnie Darko/David Lynch vibe from it.  This is Goldbach’s feature film debut and it will be interesting to see how it turns out.  The cast is certainly good with Lucas, Macdowell (what the hell happened to her?), and Thompson (see his incredible performance in Rocket Science) in supporting roles.  The big question is Dennings.  I have liked what she has done so far but she has yet to really stretch her acting chops.  It looks like this role will allow her to do that.

Official Synopsis

In this striking and slyly funny debut by filmmaker Mike Goldbach, a young woman (Kat Dennings) is uprooted to a small town where her classmates seem permanently stoned, an industrial fire burns ceaselessly in the background and a killer preys on the unsuspecting populace.

It will be playng at the follwing times:
Friday September 10 – 6:00:00 PM – RYERSON
Saturday September 11 – 12:00:00 PM – AMC 3

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