TIFF 2011: Films We Are Most Looking Forward To: Trailer For Toshiaki Toyoda’s ‘Monster’s Club’

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Earlier today TIFF announced the complete line-up for the Vision Programme, the most interesting selection of films at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival. One of the films in that selection that we are all extremely excited to see is Toshiaki Toyoda’s Monster’s Club, a dark fantasy from the director of Blue Spring and Nine Souls. So the controversial and acclaimed director is back after his career was cast into the shadows of guilt when arrested on drug charges and then subsequently blacklisted by the conservative Japanese film industry. There is a reason Toyoda was named one of the most promising new filmmakers in the early aughts. Check out the trailer for his latest film below.

Synopsis: Having abandoned modern civilization, Ryoichi lives an isolated, self-sufficient life on a snow-covered mountain and sends mail bombs to the CEOs of corporations and TV networks. One day, he encounters a mysterious creature in the forest. That night, his older brother, who had committed suicide, appears before him at his cabin. The apparition takes Ryoichi beyond a door, where Ryoichi learns the truth about his family.

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