TIFF 2011: Films We Are Most Looking Forward To – Trailer for ’50/50′ Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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Watching a film that mixes comedy and cancer isn’t my cup of tea, but based on the trailer for 50/50, director Jonathan Levine, seems to find the right balance of juggling the two. I guess it helps that the film is loosely based on the life of screenwriter Will Reiser.

One of my favourite actors Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as the 27-year old nice guy who’s been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Luckily, he doesn’t have to face this dark journey alone: by his side are his best friend (Seth Rogen), his doctor (Philip Baker Hall) and a therapist-in-training (Anna Kendrick).

The film has gone through several titles since it’s genesis, so you may remember it titled as either I’m With Cancer or Live With It. James McAvoy was originally going to play the lead role before he left the film due to personal reasons and was replaced by Gordon-Levitt. Here is the trailer. The film will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. Enjoy

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