TIFF 2011: Trailer for ‘Doppelgänger Paul’ recalls the work of Charlie Kaufman

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Five days into the Toronto International Film Festival and I am still discovering new and exciting films that I would love to add to my list of movies to watch, if only I had the time. Today I stumbled upon the trailer for the festivals longest-titled offering, Doppelgänger Paul * or A Film About How Much I Hate MyselfDoppelgänger Paul by Canadian filmmakers Dylan Akio Smith and Kris Elgstrand.
Many will inevitably draw comparisons to the work of Charlie Kaufman while TIFF describes it as, “Daft and goofy, and presented in a low-key, floating style in which the most ludicrous events seem plausible, Doppelgänger Paul has the bemused, absurdist lilt of an American indie movie of the nineties, and shares some of the same thematic concerns”. Here is the trailer. Enjoy!

Synopsis: Dylan Akio Smith and Kris Elgstrand’s slyly funny, absurdist Doppelgänger Paul is a comedy about alienation, plagiarism and identity in an increasingly fragmented world. The hero, a fiercely lonely, would be writer named Paul (Tygh Runyan), is convinced that Karl (Brad Dryborough), the last man he saw before a near death experience, is his doppelgänger — even though they could hardly be more dissimilar. Although it’s never explicitly asked, Doppelgänger Paul constantly poses the question: in a fragmented world, is any sense of belonging so valuable we’ll give up anything to hold on to it?

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