TIFF 2011: Trailer for Nick Broomfield’s ‘Sarah Palin – You Betcha!’

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Just months after the Iowa premiere of the pro-Sarah Palin documentary The Undefeated, the world will get a glimpse of the former Alaska Governor from a different and hopefully more critical view point with Sarah Palin – You Betcha! In September, acclaimed documentary filmmaker Nick Broomfield, (Kurt & Courtney and Biggie & Tupac) will debut his latest film at the Toronto International Film Festival. Broomfield goes in pursuit of Sarah Palin, interviewing her family and friends, for a decidedly unauthorized perspective on this growing force in American politics.

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  1. Montana says

    Run, Sarah run. Sarah Palin was so successful as a governor, she graduated early “Bitter Quitter”, she real is a “Dan Quayle” in heels. She clearly loves “dishing it out” but real can’t take it because she loves playing the victim card, poor thing. She fail as a VP candidate (her lie that her daughter was engaged was such a farce, selling celibacy, come on), her stand-up comic fiasco on the Jay Leno Show, please, her TV show canceled after declining rating, I guess her perpetual run for the White House (and taking the suckers money) is the only thing she can look forward. Didn’t Fake News make that other movie “undeveloped” or “under achiever” or something like that, right? Didn’t it break all box office records, oh yeah it did not, that Alaska dullard can‘t even finish the bus tour to nowhere. But since she is a coward she will only throw small minded rocks, poor thing. Since we already had an idiot “W” in the White House that caused our current economic debacle, America knows not to trust the GOP fools who flaunt the idiocy.

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