TIFF Lightbox Launches ‘Shortcuts’ a Short Film Program


The TIFF Lightbox in Toronto is launching a new short film initiative. It’s first event will be at 6:30pm on October 9th. Each month, they will feature a new themed programme of the best Canadian and international short films. The first programme is Big Stars, Short Form, and features stars of stage and screen exploring the possibilities of short form cinema. The program is a follow-up to the Short Cuts International programme that launched at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival in September. For more information READ HERE

Some highlights include:

  • Emmy Award-winning producer Stephanie Laing’s directorial debut with her short Trouble and the Shadowy DeathBlow, starring Tony Hale and Frankie Faison. Stephanie is known for producing TV shows such as VEEP and Eastbound and Down

  • Edoardo Ponti’s film Human Voice stars Sophie Loren (his mother) in her first starring role in 10 years

  • Patti Smith and Luke Wilson take the director chairs with Three Stones for Jean Genet and Satellite Beach, respectively

Edoardo Ponti will be making a special Skype appearance at tomorrow night’s screening. He’s a big supporter of this new programme and its contribution to raising the profile of short form filmmaking. The next two installments are on November 13 (“Otherwordly” —sci-fi focused) and December 11 (“Funny/Peculiar” — funny & smart).

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