‘To The Wonder’, filmmaker Terrence Malick’s newest feature, gets a full trailer

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To the Wonder by Terrence Malick

Despite having a directing filmography consisting of only five films over nearly 40 years, Terrence Malick has left an undeniable stamp, garnering heavy critical acclaim with the features, many of which have ended up on top 10 lists in their respective years, and whose acclaim has not faded with time. The combination of the two factors has cause many fans to eagerly anticipate projects with the filmmaker’s name attached to them. The latest of these is To The Wonder, on which Malick also took screenwriting duties, working with a cast that includes Ben Affleck, Javier Bardem, Olga Kurylenko, and Rachel McAdams. A new trailer for the film has now been released, and can be seen below.

[vsw id=”g-t3l6T53V8″ source=”youtube” width=”640″ height=”425″ autoplay=”no”]

(Source: First Showing)

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