Top 10 Bruce Willis characters in film

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With Bruce Willis rumored to be in the new A- Team movie as Col. Hannibal Smith, we were inspired to come up with a top 10 list of characters he has played in the past.

10- Four Rooms – LEo

9- Death Becomes Her – Dr. Ernest Menville

8- Planet Terror – Lt. Muldoon

7- Unbreakable – David Dunn

6- Sixth Sense – Dr. Malcolm Crowe

5- Fifth Element – Korben Dallas

4- Pulp Fiction – Butch Coolidge

3- 12 Monkey – James Cole

2- Die Hard – Officer John McClane

1- Sin City – Hardigan

  1. Ricky says

    His next film with KEvin SMith shoudl be interesting.

  2. Ricky says

    He dropped a few points after seeing Die Hard 4.

    1. seanamus13 says

      No way!! Die Hard 4 was Awesome!! He was still the same cocky gunslinger he was before… all be it with some ridiculous parts like the fighter jet but since when did people watch actions for believable scenarios??

      1. Ricky says

        I didn`t really Die Hard 4 too much. Your right that John McClane should have neen number one becasue it is what made Willis a star. I am just a big fan of the Sin City comic series so I put Hardigan on top. One problem with doing a top 1o list is that you usually change your opinion shorly after.

        1. seanamus13 says

          fair enough

  3. seanamus13 says

    John McClane is number one you fool

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