The Toronto Film Festival will amend policies regarding the Telluride Film Festival


In the wake of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) putting a rather restrictive policy on certain films that screened at their festival last year, they are now trying to make amends. Reported by The Wrap yesterday, the policy, which doesn’t allow films that have played at the Telluride Film Festival (which ends three days before TIFF begins) to play during the first four days of TIFF, has been adjusted slightly for its upcoming festival in 2015.

While films that have played at Telluride will now be able to screen in the first week of TIFF, these films can’t play at Toronto’s three biggest theaters, and also can’t bill themselves as world premieres. The reason why this policy was initiated in the first place is because in 2013, TIFF billed films as world premieres that had already premiered at the Telluride Festival. This mainly happened because Telluride doesn’t release their lineup ahead of time, as opposed to TIFF, which relies on announcing what films will be making their world premieres. So the policy was put in place for the 2014 festival, which proved to negatively impact the films that couldn’t be played during the first week of the festival, as that’s when the attendance is at its peak.

With it being quite a controversial situation, this amendment will hopefully mean that there will be more adjustments in the future, since there are still heavy restrictions in place. Both the TIFF and Telluride Film Festival take place in September; Telluride from Sept. 4 to the 7 and TIFF from Sept. 10 to the 20.

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