Track of the Day: ‘Abducted’ by Cults

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Listeners of Sound On Sight Radio know that we love to play music in between film reviews. We often receive emails with listeners complimenting the music we play, and usually people ask for the names of the artists and songs. So based on listener feedback, I’ve decided to post something new on the site. Welcome to Ricky D’s track of the day. Every day, I’ll select one of my new favourite songs and once in a while I’ll play a classic, but always something most people probably haven’t heard of. In other words, I won’t be choosing anything too mainstream.

Today’s track of the day comes from the Cults, “the latest exponents of 60s girl-group-adoring twee pop”. The duo both study in film in New York, and you can tell they are movie buffs considering Brian Oblivion took his alias from the movie Videodrome. Take a listen to their newest track down below.

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  1. adamcmr says

    I’m addicted to Cults’ music! They are going to be the breakout indie band of 2011. …I can’t wait for their debut album in June!

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