Track of the Day: ‘Addicted to Love’ by Florence + the Machine

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So this weekend, Rick and Simon have kindly handed over the “Track of the Day” duties to me.  Not to brag (I totally am) but I will be seeing Florence + the Machine tonight in Chicago.  Show’s sold out suckas!  Anyways this weekend’s track of the day will be dedicated to Florence Welch, the lead singer of Florence + the Machine.  She is one of the best new artists out there mixing Gothic soul with indie rock.  She has a distinctive and booming voice, instantly recognizable.  You may have seen her at this year’s Oscars where she performed the nominated song “If I Rise” from 127 Hours in place of Dido.

Yesterday I chose to feature “You Got the Dirtee Love”, a remix of her song “You Got the Love”, which came off of her debut album Lungs.  Today, I am going with my favorite song of Florence Welch’s, “Addicted to Love”, a song you will have to search for.  It is available on both Lungs (Deluxe Edition) and Lungs – The B-Sides.  This is another cover song, this time of Robert Palmer’s 1986 song.  It was also released exclusively as a digital single.  I love the song’s instrumentation and I love it’s meaning.  The song suits Welch’s style and themes so well.

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