Track of the Day: ‘Bend a Little, Bend a Lot’ by Stef Lang

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Sorry for the tardiness.  Today’s Track of the Day comes from Sound On Sight’s home country.  My “Hawk Harrelson Homer Pick of the Day” comes courtesy of Vancouver’s lovely and talented Singer/Songwriter Stef Lang.  Originally from Ladysmith, British Columbia, Lang moved to Vancouver at the age of 17 to kick off her career.  She signed with Hipjoint Records and has been touring all over the United States and Canada ever since.  Lang has an excellent voice and is quite an accomplished guitarist as well.  Her music is a nice mixture of indie rock mixed with pop instrumentation and edgy lyrics.  Her songs are often reflective of her personality.  She is a very engaging performer live.

I have been lucky enough to see her perform twice, once without her band and once with her band.  I have also had the privilege of hanging out with her and she is extremely down to earth and friendly.  This track comes courtesy of her first full length album, The Underdog and is called “Bend a Little, Bend a Lot”.  I said up front that her songs often reflect who she is as a person and this song is a prime example as it is about her family.  In a way it is a love letter to her family and to the sacrifices that they made for her.  As she mentions in the song she has a mixed heritage, her mother is Filipino and her dad German; is the youngest of two siblings; and her parents divorced when she was young.  In a way, this is her love letter to her family.  Sometimes songs about family or personal experiences risk becoming either to preachy or broad but Stef pulls it off perfectly.

On a side note, Stef is very good about responding to her fans and staying in touch.  If you want to get in contact with her find her on Facebook at and leave her a message.  Also, follow her on Twitter at

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