Track of the Day: ‘Container Park’ from the ‘Hanna’ Soundtrack

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Today’s track of the day comes form the soundtrack/score to the fantasy/thriller Hanna by The Chemical Brothers. Their music was a perfect fit for the film, in the same way last year’s Daft Punk score for Tron Legacy seemed to be. In fact I would go so far as to say it is far better, considering it doesn’t seem to borrow heavily from other composers such as Hans Zimmer. The score movies through a number of genres, tempos and styles, but my favourite track has to be Container Park, heard over the scene in which the titular character escapes an underground subterranean government hideout. Take a listen.

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  1. Zembla says

    You’re wrong! Container Park is used during the escape of the… Container Park! Did you actually see that movie?
    PS: Tron OST is far better than this.
    Zembla was Here.

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