Track of the Day: ‘Destroy Everything You Touch’ by Ladytron

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This is for all the people who like dance music.  My favorite electronic band is Ladytron.  Based out of Liverpool, although some might say that their songs have an “international dateline” (see what I did there), they have a strong cult status worldwide since the release of their second album Light & Magic in 2002.  Their songs are incredibly unique, often tackling dark subject matters with an odd tone.  Their experimentation is what sets them apart from other electronic bands.  Their music is also quite cinematic, something that directors have noticed as they have been keen on inserting Ladytron’s songs into their films.

The song “Destroy Everything You Touch”, off the 2005 album The Witching Hour was the first Ladytron song I was ever exposed to.  I first heard it in the international trailer for Lukas Moodysson’s Mammoth and found it to be quite catchy.  The song does appear in the film along with two of their other hit singles “Versus” and “International Dateline”, all three of them being used quite memorably.

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