Track of the Day: ‘Eating Lemons’ by Koji

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For today’s selection, I am pleased to be bringing the work of Koji (aka Andrew Koji Shiraki) to the world of Sound on Sight.  Koji is an indie punk-rock activist/artist who tours on behalf of The Resolve, an organization in Washington DC dedicated to putting an end to the use of child soldiers in Uganda.  You may have heard of Invisible Children, an organization that can be found on many campuses around the world that is also dedicated to putting an end to the LRA.  The Resolve is the parent organization of Invisible Children.  All proceeds from his shows go towards The Resolve.  His shows, usually house shows, consist of a concert followed by a workshop on activism.

I have seen him twice now and I am lucky enough to have gotten to know him due to my work with Invisible Children. What can I say about the guy?  Well I have had many a drink with him and he is a solid dude.  His featured song is “Eating Lemons” off of his 2010 EP Some Small Way.  When performing live, Koji usually performs acoustically but in the studio he uses a full band.  Koji just started his “Amplify Peace Tour” which runs through the end of July and you can find specific dates here.  Also if you would like to know more about Koji’s work, visit his web site.



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