Track of the Day: ‘Rill Rill’ by Sleigh Bells

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Call it hipster porn if you want but I have had the Sleigh Bells smash single “Rill Rill” stuck in my head for awhile.  Something about it is just so damn catchy that I can’t help it.  Commonly referred to as noise pop, Sleigh Bells could also go by the name of The Odd Duo, as both come from come completely different backgrounds.  In fact those backgrounds are so different that you would think this was a mismatched buddy comedy instead of a band.  Guitarist and songwriter Derek E Miller used to play lead for the heavy metal band Poison the Well while lead singer Alexis Krauss was in the teen pop group Rubyblue.  It doesn’t seem like it work but I think this is what makes their music work so well.  The instrumentation is that of heavy metal yet the lyrics are free of angst and have a bubblegum flavor to them.

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