Track of the Day: Why?, ‘Good Friday’

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Anyone who checked out Ricky D’s list of the best movies of the year so far will notice Evan Glodell’s incendiary Bellflower at the top of the heap. Anyone who happened to catch Bellflower will probably have taken mental note of Why?, the indie-rock/rap group who have three songs featured in the film. The one that best suits the movie is “Good Friday,” a debauched but lucid track that feels just as grimy as the movie itself.

[vsw id=”8cl0NdCtze4″ source=”youtube” width=”500″ height=”425″ autoplay=”no”]
  1. Anonymous says

    i would like to know this song from the begining bar scene aswell

    1. Anonymous says

      is this the song?
      Chromatics- Running Up That Hill

  2. Matthew says

    What is the indie song in the bar scene early in the movie? It is playing in the background. Chick singer. Any help would be great, My girlfriend likes that melody. Thanks.

  3. David says

    Great choice, one of my favourite bands. Can’t wait to see them in October.

  4. Vincent Grashaw says

    We used 3 Why? songs in Bellflower:

    These Few Presidents
    Good Friday
    Torpedo or Crohns

    1. Simon Howell says

      Noted and fixed. Thanks!

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