Trailer: Afterschool

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afterschoolRobert is a young American student, a sensitive young kid finding it difficult to fit in at the elite East Coast preparatory school he attends. He meets his daily appointments with his school counselor, takes his medication and spends a lot of his spare time in front of a computer screen, glued to images of sex and violence.

Soon Robert plucks up the nerve to get closer to open and, attractive Amy (Addison Timlin) when the two are paired up to make a video project together. The two traipse the school corridors gathering footage leading Robert to accidentally capture the death of two classmates on camera. The lives of the two deceased become memorialized as part of an audio-visual document intended to speed up the campus-wide healing process. But instead, the video creates an atmosphere of paranoia and unease among students and teachers.

Unfortunately if you want to see it on the big screen, the movie is only playing exclusively at Cinema Village in Manhattan. However IFC has released it on IFC Festival Direct.

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