A Trailer & Three Clips for Anton Bormatov’s Russian Mob Film ‘Alien Girl’

Aren’t you sick of Russian mob movies? I didn’t think so. Here are three clips and a trailer from Anton Bormatov’s crime flick Alien Girl. The film is written by Vladimir Nesterenko and Sergei Sokolyuk, and stars Natalia Romanycheva, Evgeni Tkachuk, Kirill Poluhin, Anatoli Otradnov, Aleksandr Golubkov, Evgeny Mundun, Oleg Baykulov, Alexander Korchagin, Dmitry Ratomsky, and Sergey Siplivy.

Official synopsis:

Ukraine – (The 1990’s) Amidst a violent clash between two rival gangs, their very existence hinges on a woman named Angela (aka “Alien Girl,” played by Natalia Romanycheva), the sister of a gang member who is about to cut a deal with the police. In order to exert influence over him before he testifies, his boss dispatches four of his best hit men, who set off on a trip to Prague to bring Angela back to the Ukraine and hold her hostage. But what starts off as a war between rival gang members and all those standing in their way, soon becomes a game of manipulation, seduction and betrayal in which Angela plays each member off against one other, before becoming the ultimate victor. The film’s title, a sly reference to Ridley Scott’s classic, describes Angela to a “t” – a creature who spits acid, proverbially speaking and whose very essence is about destruction.

Via Beyond Hollywood

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