Trailer: ‘Bob and the Monster’

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Debuting next month at SXSW, Bob and the Monster examines outspoken indie-rock hero Bob Forrest’s inspirational journey from promising musician to out-of-control junkie to now-counselor on Celebrity Rehab and Sober House credited with helping others like him.

Six years in the making, this documentary film follows his life-threatening struggle with addiction, to his transformation into one of the most influential and controversial drug counselors in the US today. Bob And The Monster crafts contemporary footage, animation and compelling interviews with archival performances and personal videos from Bob’s past to reveal the complex layers of this troubled, but hopeful soul. Testimony from his peers, including Courtney Love, Anthony Kiedis and Flea add texture, but it’s the depth of Bob’s music, interwoven throughout the film, that illuminates this unforgettable and inspirational story.

Bob and the Monster Trailer – Bob Forrest Documentary Premieres 2011 SXSW Festival from Shaker Films on Vimeo.

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