Trailer: “Brighton Rock” Looks Like Oscar Bait

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Optimum Releasing has released the trailer for Rowan Joffe’s directorial debut, an adaptation of Graham Greene’s 1938 novel Brighton Rock. Joffe is best know as the scribe for 28 Weeks Later and The American but from what little the trailer shows, he may just make a better film director. The trailer shows just enough of what we need to know without overdoing it and spoiling half the plot. A trailer for a murder mystery should remain mysterious and show hints of suspense, and that is exactly what we get here. Add on the end quote “Masterpiece” from The Guardian and Hellen Mierren and you have the attention of most mature cinephiles.

The book was first adapted to the screen in 1947 in a movie starring Richard Attenborough. This time around Joffe has updated the setting to the 1960′s. Here is the official synopsis:

An adaptation of Graham Greene’s classic novel about a small-town hood who marries a waitress who witnessed him murdering a rival thug in order to keep her quiet. As his gang begins to doubt his abilities, the man becomes more desperate and violent. The film is expected to go back to the original source material rather than the 1947 John Boulting-directed film for its inspiration, but it will be set in 1964 rather than the book’s original 1939.

The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in September to mixed response. Sam Riley (Control) stars as Pinkie, and the film co-stars Helen Mirren (The Queen), John Hurt, Andy Serkis, and Andrea Riseborough .

Watch the trailer below.

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