Trailer: Carey Mulligan sings to you in the second spot for ‘Shame’

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It’s not often you get to see the MPAA’s NC-17 designation, especially on a green-band trailer, so take in the sight. Trailer #2 for Steve McQueen’s sophomore feature, the Michael Fassbender-assisted Shame prominently features Carey Mulligan’s jazz rendition of “New York, New York,” which features in one of the film’s most memorable sequences. The spot drops critical references to Midnight Cowboy and Last Tango in Paris, even putting Brando’s name in bold, which can only mean one thing – that’s right, kids, it’s awards season again. Here’s the trailer:

[vsw id=”PnT3Lugw8sg” source=”youtube” width=”500″ height=”425″ autoplay=”no”]
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  1. Jason Arnold says

    Brilliant! Mulligan should do a musical.

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