Trailer: Darren Lynn Bousman‘s “Mothers Day”

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Darren Lynn Bousman’s 11-11-11, (his next film) is getting a lot of press but people seem to be forgetting that he has another film, Mother’s Day, set to open on April 1st. While no official trailer has been released yet, Bloody Disgusting has released a promo that was used at the American Film Market to pique sales interest in Germany. Check out the near 2 minute trailer after the jump.

Also read our positive review of the film here.

Thanks to Bloody Disgusting for the find.

Official plot synopsis:

“Mother’s Day” … is about a set of brothers who end up in their old house only to find a new family living there. They proceed to manipulate and torture the new tenants, as well as friends who are there for a party, until the brother’s mother (Rebecca De Mornay) shows up to straighten everything out. And that’s when things get really messed up. “Mother’s Day” begins kind of awkwardly as the audience is forced to jump into scenes we know nothing about. After about a half hour, though, once we’ve become comfortable with the characters and situation, Bousman makes us very uncomfortable over and over again. Fantastic effects work and really messed up tortures abound and while they aren’t on the wacky level of the stuff in “Saw 2-4”, which Bousman directed, their basis in reality makes them that much more frightening. The film eventually hits its stride, and some leaps of logic aside, it ends up entertaining as a thriller and a commentary on the roles of women in society. You know, if you are into that sort of thing.

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