Trailer: Fair Game

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The trailer for Doug Liman’s latest film Fair Game has been released.  The film, which tells the story of Valerie Plame and her husband Joseph Wilson, got picked up by Summit Entertainment after playing in competition at Cannes.  The film stars Naomi Watts, Sean Penn, Bruce McGill, and Noah Emmerich, and it earned solid reviews however there was very little passion drummed up over it.  Yahoo has the trailer for you, which you can watch below.  Hit the  jump after the trailer for my thoughts and an official synopsis.

So I think it looks like a decent political thriller and good vehicle for both Watts and Penn.  Watts is perfectly cast as Valerie Plame and it will likely give her the juciest role she has had since her Oscar nominated turn in 21 Grams.  Penn is also playing against type as the gregarious and affable Wilson, leaning more towards Harvey Milk than Jimmy Marcum.  Liman seems like the perfect director for this kind of material, he did a good job blending character with the exciting espionage in The Bourne Identity.  However it hard for me to drum up any kind of excitment because we already have an excellent film that covered the same ground, Rod Lurrie’s little seen Nothing But the Truth.  That was an excellent film because it actually provided context to the situation.  We actually got to see this through the journalist’s eyes and why she was in the right.  It was a complex and layered film with a powerhouse performance from Kate Beckinsale.  I am sure Liman’s film will be biased against Judith Miller.


As a covert officer in the CIA’s Counter-Proliferation Division, Valerie Plame leads an investigation into the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Valerie’s husband, diplomat Joe Wilson, is drawn into the investigation to substantiate an alleged sale of enriched uranium from Niger. But when the administration ignores his findings and uses the issue to support the call to war, Joe writes a New York Times editorial outlining his conclusions and ignites a firestorm of controversy.

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