Trailer for Midnight Madness Entry, ‘Witching & Bitching’

Witching_amp_Bitching-817727435-large (1)

Álex de la Iglesia has been one of my favorite genre filmmakers ever since he released his 1995 horror comedy The Day of the Beast. While he’s never quite made a better film, he has been consistent in delivering a winningly insane blend of hard violence, sex, black humor, and social satire. Among his many hits is The Last Circus and the wicked, pitch-black, El Crimen Perfecto. His first feature Acción Mutante, an outrageous sci-fi comedy about a group of disabled terrorists, had its debut at Midnight Madness way back in 1993. Here, he returns once again with s, described as a zany spectacle that will leave audiences gobsmacked! Comparisons have already been thrown around to From Dusk Till Dawn, only replace the vampires with a coven of angry witches. Watch the trailer below.


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