Trailer For Nikolaj Feifer’s ‘Junk Love’ – A Throwback to Classic 1970’s Sci-Fi Movies

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Nikolaj Feifer turned his film school project into a short film, a sci-fi affair called Junk Love, taking inspiration from classic 1970’s sci-fi movies most notably Solaris both visually and in the story too. As well as Solaris you can see hints of 2001 Space Odyssey as well as Moon by Duncan Jones. The film stars Peter Plaugborg who was recently nominated for a Robert by the Danish Film Academy for best supporting actor in Submarino.

Feifer describes his approach to the material this way, “I got the idea because I originally wanted to make a story about an ill dying man. Then I thought to myself that instead of doing the classical hospital story, what could be a much more interesting metaphor? Well, for instance a man in a metal coffin as far away from everything as possible – One man alone in space.”

Check out the teasers and trailer below via Twitch

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