Trailer for Steve James Documentary ‘Life Itself” an honest, thought-provoking look at Roger Ebert


When I first heard that Steve James, the brilliant documentary filmmaker, and director of Hoop Dreams and The Interpreters, was directing a film based on the life of Roger Ebert, I immediately thought there was nobody better for the job. Sound On Sight contributor Josh Spiegel, was the first among our team who had the pleasure of watching the documentary, and in his review, Josh describes it as, “an honest and unflinching celebration of a man’s life, a man who helped reshape and shift the parallel worlds of cinema and criticism over the past 50 years.” We shouldn’t have to tell you that this film is essential viewing for every true cinephile, but if you aren’t sold based on the directors perfect track record, not to mention the subject matter; maybe this trailer will do the trick. Life Itself will be in theatres and on demand on July 4. Enjoy!


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