Trailer for the Creepiest Film at Cannes: Alex van Warmerdam’s ‘Borgman’


A trailer has been released for Alex van Warmerdam’s 8th feature film, Borgman. This is the first Dutch film in 38 years to play in competition at Cannes, and the movie is has everyone buzzing. Van Warmerdan, who has roots in theatre, also acts in the film, playing the role of Borgman’s accomplice. Karin Badt of the Huffington Post calls it “the creepiest film in the Cannes Competition,” and Catherine Shoard of The Guardian writes, “Aesthetically there’s much to enjoy here; a Fassbinder-esque mise-en-scene that mixes minimalism and kinky fuss to good effect, and the whole affair is served with a sheen you can almost touch”. The trailer certainly caught my interest and the film has quickly shot up to the top of my ‘must see’ list.


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